Monday, May 7, 2012

It only takes me one million years to get on this but I finally took the time (and had the time) toi get my password reset. I am hoping to keep this more up to date this summer. We shall see.
One cool thing about this month is that on the 25th it will 12 years since my last chemo treatment. This past week I have heard some good news and sad news. In February I donated some moeny to the ISU College of Pharmacyfor a fund raiser they were doing for a girl who's wish was to go to Disneyland with her family. This girl is fighting cancer. I received a letter Thursday thanking me for my donation and to tell me that there was about $17,000 (around that, I don't have the letter right by me) that was raised that night. The paln was to donate 25% of the proceeds to this girls wish but instead they donated $6500 to cover all the expences for her family to go to Disneyland. It took all I had not to cry in the office when I read the letter. The sad news is that I got to hear the story of a four year old girl who had been fighting cancer for two years. In January her wish came true and she got to go meet all of the Disney Princess's in Disneyland. She passed away one week ago today. Listening to her story made me remember that time in my life when I was fighting. This year I have the opportunity, again, to participate in the Relay for Life event. I will remember both of the these girls as I walk that first lap with all of the survivors.
I have been truly blessed in my life. I have been blessed with a family that got closer together during a trying time. A family that is there for you no matter what, they will always love me and each other. I have been blessed with some of the greatest friends. Some of these friends have seen me at my lowest point and always stayed by me and encouraged me to be strong. Life is a precious thing and should not be wasted.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year

I can't believe another year has come and gone. I am going to try something different this year. Instead of setting goals for the entire year I am going to go one month at a time. Some goals will remain the same every month but doing something for four weeks at a time is less intimidating than trying to do something for an entire year.
I am going to attempt to make some big changes in my life and hopefully they will end up being for the better. I just wanted to share a couple of quotes that are going to help me out. The first is one that I saw on the Disney FB page "Thinking you can is more than half the battle" and the other by Sheri Dew "If life were easy it wouldn't be hard". Change happens everyday and it is up to us to make the best of each day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I can't believe it...11 YEARS CANCER FREE!!!!!

As of May 25, 2011, it has been 11 years since my last chemo treatment. Can you believe it?? I think about all that has happened since that time and I can't imagine what life would have been like for those around me. I know what my life would be like.....dead and waiting for my family and friends to join me; maybe even be spending time with my relatives who have already passes away.
I am so grateful that I am alive today. Everyday I thank my Heavenly Father that I am alive to have the experience and opportunity to live today. I hear people complain about the weather, I do as well, but as soon as the thought comes into my mind it leaves just as quickly because I remember that I am alive. I get to live today. I have made some great new friends and have been able to get in contact with old friends.

St. George 2001 for a soccer shoot out, so much fun

Here are some photos of what I have been up to these last 11 years. Of the above photos the last three were taken about 8 months after my last chemo treatment.
Shooting...oh how I want to go this summer

These photos are not in chronological order, sorry, but they are things that have happened in my life. Family graduating college, family reunions, spending time with my nieces Shae and McKayla.

First Plane ride. We are on our way to Colorado to visit Jody, Cindy, & kids

Make-A-Wish Foundation got me a computer and took my family to Leo's Place

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You and me baby are Stuck Like Glue

This is a video of my friend Emma singing "Stuck Like Glue", by Sugarland, with me and my sister. She loves this song and I love to play it for her

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love my FAMILY!!!

I have a pretty amazing family. Last night, because branch FHE was canceled, I have FHE with my family. Me, Jen, Stone, & Matt went to Five Guys. They have pretty good food. So on our way home the new Brittany Spears song came on and my brothers were jamming out in the car. Check it out...
I have a pretty awesome family. What makes it so good is that this is not planned. What would have made this even better is if all four of my borthers were in the car; but then I would need a bigger car so they would all fit (:
If you have been wondering my toe is getting a lot better, it is almost all the way healed. Still a little swollen but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Foot (well the toe)

So on Friday April 1 I decided that I wanted to see what it was like to have a broken toe, no joke. While going to the stairway to keep a baby from going down the stairs my right foot, specifcally my pinky toe, decided it wanted to meet a bookshelf. They met and it hurt. Erin siad "sounds like you broke it." I told her that I didnt but i jammed it good. A few minutes later I shifted my wieght to get something and there was instant pain. I just figured that it would be sore the rest of the night. Before I went to my room I looked down at my foot and I could see a little bit of bruising start to show, I had to take a picture. This was probably about an hour after the actual incident.

Saturday morning the bruise had gotten bigger but there wasn't that much pain, yet.

This is Saturday afternoon. It looks bad because I had been walking on it for a while.

This after about an hour and a half of walking.

This is what it looked like Satruday night. By now everyone that had seen my foot said that I broke my toe, but I don't think that I did. The rest of the night and most of the day Sunday I had my foot elevated & iced to help with the swelling.

By Monday the bruise had spread a little more; it was now under four of my toes but the bruise did not hurt at all.

This one was taken either Tuesday or Wednesday night and the bruise was all up the one toe and my pinky toe is just swollen.That is the progression of my "broken toe". I don't think that I broke anything just really really jammed it. My pinky toe is still swollen and there is still a little bruising and still a little swollen. I am trying to keep it elevated and not walk on it to much but somethimes I just have to move because I do.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you ready for this....

Well since it has been like forever I thought that it would be nice to give everyone a glimpse of what I did in the 2010. Kind of sad that I am doing this is March 2011, better late than never right.

This is me and Nate watching Pete's Dragon. Everytime that he came to the house he would say "Amy can we watch Pete's Dragon down in your room?" Of course I always said yes.

My dad made this amazing shadow box and a mount so it would fall aff of the wall. I got to be his photographer so that he could see what he had done. It was so cool how he was able to make this work. This is what my dad does when he is not selling pest control, he is a custom framer.

Mom got to spend some time in Houston. Here she is with all her grandkids.

Shae loves, loves, loves Addison.

Mom got some real cute pictures of the girls in their summer dresses.